An Insanely In-Depth Course Teaching Exactly How Sophia Runs Her 100,000+ Subscriber Email List.

See Sophia's exact email strategy that has skyrocketed her email list to over 100,000+ subscribers and directly helping her earn money for her 7-figure blog.

Learn everything from how to make a printable so valuable readers will have to opt-in, to the secret way she designs her opt-ins, to the way she sets up her automations, sequences, + tags so her email strategy basically runs itself.

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Want to up-level your blogging career? Already have an email list and want to take it to the next level? This course goes over all the best email practices you need to know to grow and monetize your email strategy.

Just one year after starting her email list, Sophia had 25,000 email subscribers. Three years later, she has over 100,000 email subscribers and is averaging a 33% open rate (significantly higher than industry standard). This course shows you the specific techniques and methods she used so you can have the same results.

Here are some of Sophia's current stats using these methods:

Open Rates in an Email Sequence:

Email Subscribers:

Average Daily Subscribers:

This will teach you Sophia's email strategy and everything she does; from how to create a printable, to the exact formula she uses to set up her automations so she can send insanely targeted emails.

As the founder of, which received 100,000 monthly page views its first year and now in just 4 years is a 7-figure business, Sophia has learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to starting a successful blog and email list.

Get Perfecting Email for $219

Make money in my sleep? Sold.

Here's what you'll get access to:


Video walkthroughs that teach about how your blog should look, keyword research, content planning, and so much more.


The exact checklists and templates that I used when I started my blog and that my team still uses to this day.


Access to the members-only Facebook Group where you can get advice from Sophia and other members that have been in the blogging world for years.

what our students are saying...


"If you are thinking about taking Sophia's blogging course - DO IT. They're so helpful and SPECIFIC AF. She shows you EXACTLY what to do."

- Brianna

"Your courses are without a doubt the best... Better than an expensive one I went on to do after and couldn't get myself to finish 🙈😂❤️"

- Clara

“I absolutely loved the courses!! I took the bundle basically a few months after starting and I wonder how I did anything before taking them!"

- Michelle

Here are all the things you'll learn in this course...

She is going to be covering the things she did every step of the way from the first year when she started her email list to the templates and techniques she still uses to this day.

Let Sophia join your email journey and help boost your blog into one you're proud of!

Who is Perfecting Email for?

👉  Established Bloggers ready to learn already-proven email marketing strategies.

👉  Bloggers who want to up-level their email list. Perfecting Email gives you the proven tools to create a community and succeed with your email list.

👉  Lone wolf Bloggers that are looking to join an amazing blogging community.


Your email list is one of the only things you truly own.

Having an email list is the most important thing you can do for the longevity of your website.

There are a few things that you actually "own" when it comes to blogging. Pinterest could block you in a second. SEO could decide it no longer likes your content. But your email list... you can have your email list forever.

A personalized way to market to your reader.

When your readers are looking at blog posts, there is only so much you can do to create a personalized experience. With an email list, you can make readers feel like you're talking to them. It almost feels like an exclusive club. Because of this, you can send exclusive content and sales, increasing their likelihood to follow through with what you suggest.

Also, who doesn't love receiving special, personal content?!

Build a personal connection with your reader that will carry into future endeavors.

Having an email list is a great way to monetize, but even more important, the community you can build through email has been rewarding for our team and our business.

Having a connection with your readers will have them continually coming back for more. This is incredibly important when you launch new products or courses. They will be as excited as you since they've been with you through it all.