Perfecting Pinterest

An In-Depth Course Teaching Exactly How Sophia Uses Pinterest to Receive Over 10 Million Impressions Monthly Which Directly Helps Earn Her 6-Figures Annually.

See Sophia's exact Pinterest strategy that skyrocketed her website into a six-figure business.

Learn everything from her proven methods to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest, what she does to optimize her blog posts for Pinterest, secret ways she uploads content to Pinterest to make it as easy and fast as possible, and so much more.

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Want to kickstart your blogging career? Already have a blog and want to take it to the next level? Whether you have a brand new blog or an older blog that you want better results from, Perfecting Pinterest will show you step-by-step how a six-figure blog uses Pinterest to make a whole lotta’ money. 

Pinterest is the #1 tool she recommends for bloggers to get traffic to their blog. The first year she got on Pinterest, she received over 100,000 pageviews on her website. Now, just three years later, she is receiving over 500,000 monthly pageviews and earning well over six-figures a year. This course shows you the specific techniques and methods she uses on her Pinterest so you can have the same results.

Here are some of Sophia's current stats using her Pinterest strategy:

Pinterest Stats for Half of August 2020:

Ad Revenue in June 2020:

Pageviews as of July 2020:

She is covering everything from exactly how to keyword your posts in order to rank on Pinterest to how she is able to only spend 1 hour a week on her Pinterest strategy. She will be going into insane detail so you can replicate her methods to grow your own Pinterest account. 

As the founder of, which received 100,000 monthly page views its first year and now in just 3 years is a 6-figure business, Sophia has learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to using Pinterest to gain readers.

Pinterest has played a HUGE part in her success (debatably the biggest part) and she is showing you her exact techniques so you can get similar results on your own website. 

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Here's all the things you'll learn in this course...

She is covering every single step in her Pinterest strategy so you know exactly how to replicate the process for your own Pinterest account.

Let Sophia join your Pinterest journey and help skyrocket your blog into a website that gets tens of thousands of visitors a day.




Pinterest is THE ONLY social media platform that specifically is designed to send people to websites and blogs. Over here at BSL, we use this to our advantage. Pinterest is our #1 traffic source and if you're not using it properly, you're leaving money on the table.